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Gift Wrapping Door Hanger & Free Door Hanger Template SVG

Don’t miss the free door hanger template .svg at the bottom of this post!

Does this make you want to rap?  Or wrap? Me too!  LOL!

Every year around Christmas I find myself hanging over the banister and shouting downstairs (and wherever my voice may carry) to NOT come into my bedroom because I am wrapping presents.  However, I always say, “I’m rapping” and then I proceed to do the worst ad lib Christmas themed rap EVER.  EVERRR.  So, this year I decided to make a less ear piercing notification…a door hanger.  This is the perfect way to warn everyone that I’m either rapping or wrapping.  LOL!

BTW, this is a simple Print and Cut Project using the Silhouette Cameo.  Love those images?  Dude.  Me too.  They are from Lettering Delights Hoppy Holidays (mistletoe), Harajuku Girls (girl) and Christmas Express (presents, North Pole and penguin).

It’s all about the basic shapes, baby!

I’m giving away this super useful door hanger template .svg at the bottom of this post but if you’re curious how to make one, it’s easy!  I’m using the Make the Cut software to create the door hanger.  Open up the basic shapes menu and get a circle, slanted rectangle and rounded rectangle.

My door hanger is about 8″ long. Manipulate the shape size to fit your needs.

Select the circle and the slanted rectangle.  Go to (Edit: Shape Magic) Boolean Join and choose “union”.

Be a joiner, then a remover. LOL!

Next, select the choose B-A Difference in the Boolean Join area.  Ta Da!!  You’ve got a door hanger!

Print, then cut. Simple!

I used Make the Cut to create the door hanger svg but I like the print and cut features of the Silhouette software, so I used it for this part.  I imported my door hanger .svg into the Silhouette software.  Next, I arranged these images from Lettering Delights Hoppy Holidays (mistletoe), Harajuku Girls (girl) and Christmas Express (presents, North Pole and penguin) to decorate the hanger. I printed them out on my printer and then cut them out on the Cameo.

Chipboard or Cereal Box – both work great!

Here are both sides of the door hanger.  I love that penguin!  I also cut a hanger out using thin chipboard.  Zip Dry Paper Glue did an awesome job sticking this whole thing together.  Don’t have chipboard?  That’s what cereal boxes are good for!  Use that!

I shall now…bust a rhyme…or wrap a gift.
Penguin, you’re the cutest!

You know you want to make something with that penguin.  I’m right aren’t I?  LOL!  You’ll find him in this Lettering Delights file, Christmas Express.

I will out-rap you any day, said me to no one ever. LOL!

 Without further ado, the door hanger template .svg!

Click here to download the free door hanger template .svg file that I made.

I hope your day rocks…like an awesome rap…or wrap.  LOL!

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  1. This is so darn cute, Joy and a really fabulous idea! Had to LOL about the rappin’ 😉 I’m always making silly songs up thru the day. Thanks so much for the file, I believe I’ll be making one for my rappin’ too. 🙂

  2. Love this, so clever! Thanks for sharing!

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