Cricut Destinations “True Love” Square Vase Covering

I made this with DH in mind. 🙂  My #1 Valentine…all year long.

I used this for an entry in a Cricut contest, but honestly, this looks like an unfinished work to me.  It’s well designed, but the fact is that the flowers in the hand of the girl aren’t defined and the whole thing lacks the “pop” necessary to be a contender.  It was a good idea, but I just didn’t “bring it”.

Side View with No Flowers

I do love the idea and the composition though! And…the sweetest thing…DH was so supportive of my contest entry. He even ran out in the last 15 minutes before the entry was due to get me fresh roses because the ones I had were looking tired. 🙂

Unfinished looking or not, I really like this!

I used the Destinations cartridge for the gazebo.  The Sweethearts cartridge was used for the couple, flowers (in hand), bows, banner and bells.  Home Decor for the “love”.  I used my Gypsy to weld four of these scenes together and I backed them with white Cricut cardstock.  I definitely had to use my 12×24 mat for this.   Every corner was scored with a bone folder before folding.  I used a square vase that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Roses…courtesy of my #1 fan…DH. 😉

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  1. I think this is beautiful. The scene is so romantic!! It is a great idea. What a great guy you have to be so helpful! I also wanted to thank you and Marlene for your input on the Cuttlebug. I appreciate it!

    I hesitate to type this because, I am no expert, but I wonder if red stickles would help you feel better about the flowers? And it would blend in with the sparkly “love”.

  2. Please never hesitate to comment!! 😀 I think that is a good idea. I really struggled with decorating this. IDK why it was so hard for me. I think it really could use some Cuttlebug embossing too.
    Thank you!! 😀

  3. you are welcome Mother-monkey. Joy, I think she might be right that some red stickles would accent the flowers, or maybe silver if you wanted them to really shine. Try it on an extra cut out before you finish off the finished project. Hold it up to the original and see what you think. I do that a lot and then save the practice one for another project if I like it. Like for a card for a friend etc.
    We got hit with some snow so to make a long story short did not go to my daughters. Will be going there tomorrow if the weather is good. Famers Almanac is predicting 8-10 inches next week. The news is not committing to how much we will get.
    So looks like I will be home bound playing with the gypsy.

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