Cricut Blades Compared

This post refers to the early Cricut blades. Those for the Cricut Expression machines and earlier.

If you’ve bought a machine 2nd hand and are missing the regular housing (or just need a new one for some reason), you may find that it’s difficult to find a green replacement housing. The blue housing WILL hold the regular blade as well as the deep cut blade.

Below you can see their differences:

The general info about these blades is:

They will fit in either housing.

Using my Cricut Expression, I have cut with each blade in the opposite housing and they cut just fine in either. As my testing standard, I cut cardstock with the blade set to 6 and with the pressure and speed all the way up. **You may want to use the multi-cut function for some cuts when you have the regular blade in the deep blade housing. That is because it doesn’t seem to cut quite as deeply when in that housing. If you need a more thorough cut and you don’t have a multi-cut function, then you may have to re-cut the image or use scissors where it doesn’t cut all the way through.

You can see that the deep blade (on left) has a much longer diagonal and is a bit longer overall than the regular blade (on right).

The Housings:

The housings are close in size, but NOT exactly the same.

Not only is the Deep Blade a bit longer, the Deep Blade Housing holds the blade lower than the Regular Housing.

In the photo below, I have switched the blades and the Deep Blade Housing even holds the Regular Blade lower than the Regular Housing holds the Deep Blade. Interesting.

Additionally, the Deep Blade Housing can hold the blade at 1/2 point depths between the numbers, not just the depths #1-6, like the Regular Housing. 

Link to Cricut Blade Settings

Remember to REMOVE THE RUBBER ENDED TIP before using your new blade!!! That tip is covering the blade. The rounded end goes up into the housing. When you push down that little plunger at the top, the magnet inside will pull the rounded end securely into the housing.

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