Captain’s Log…Day Four ~ Who’s in the House? Parker’s in the House, oh yeah…

This is what I wrote when I woke up this morning in Boston’s Parker House Hotel…I’m feeling better now…

I am so tired this morning that I can barely keep my eyes open. Not good, Mommy. I can default to no one but myself. I am the picture on the diamond shaped yellow sign of the duck and her ducklings. No one crosses without Mama and they all walk the path I lay out before them. How I wish Daddy duck could be here. I just miss him. His absence is even more difficult and profound when I am tired…forgive me. I abhor a whiner…but…you’ll appreciate my feelings if your spouse is also your best friend.

<<<<<<KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK>>>>>>>>

Oddly enough, I rebounded a bit after having my breakfast arrive on a rolling cart, right at the time I requested it be delivered when I filled out a form and stuck it to my door last night. LOL…

Still love and miss DH…but those tiny condiments are cute. Hey, let’s just say I understand why people feel bad and then decide to go stay in a fancy hotel. It doesn’t erase the way you feel, but it helps. This is a good place to recharge and that’s one of the reasons I chose it. You know, that and for the rolls and pie. 🙂

Sometimes I am struck by the stupid things I observe. Here’s one that I have to tell because it was like watching myself in action. DD just took a dinner knife and was about to hop backwards onto her bed, which is over three feet high. She was trying not to knock her toast off of her bread plate which was already on the bed and also not drop her cell phone. I had to talk calmly and warn her to be careful, because I know my daughter. If I’d startled her, she would have impaled herself. Thankfully, she has survived breakfast in bed. Whew.

I told her that if she stabbed herself while jumping onto her plush bed to eat her room service breakfast, that while we were in the emergency room I was going to tell everyone that she was stabbed in a gang fight, because the truth was too humiliating. Then I remembered that the knife was engraved with PH for Parker House. I decided that we’d tell them that it was a very exclusive gang. You actually have to get on a waiting list to get jumped in.

So yesterday we drove though Providence, RI. Sort of interesting from what I could tell, but to be honest, I couldn’t look at much. I was too busy accelerating and decelerating constantly. Rhode Island, at least where I-95 led me, likes to play the speed trap game. You spend your time driving 45, 55, 50, 45…on the freaking interstate!!! WTH?! It’s ridiculous. Sammy Hagar was off retching somewhere. If he can’t drive 55, how must he feel about this stretch through Rhode Island? I’d always had sweet imaginings about Rhode Island, but I bid it a fond good riddance when I finally entered Massachusetts.

Regarding our trip to Plymouth…you’re gonna laugh.

First we had the GPS set for Plymouth Plantation. It looks very interesting, but we’ll have to appreciate that another time. We were doing a historic hit and run. Hit Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II and then run to Boston. So, while we’re at the Plymouth Plantation, realizing we don’t have the time, energy or inclination to enjoy it we also realize that we need to hurry if we want to see the Rock. So DS #1 says, “Well, it’s not like they’re going close a rock. How do you close a rock? You can’t. You can’t just close a rock.”

Hold that thought…”You can’t close a rock….”

I’ve gotta motor if I’m gonna make the trolley ride around Boston with my ducklings.

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  1. COME ON… I know there is a punch line in there some place :)…

  2. DS,
    I got your postcard. It’s sounds like you are having lots of fun but I can’t wait until you get back.

  3. When you first told me about you trip, I thought it was real courageous. From what you have said so far it sounds like it has been well worth it. Spending time with your 3 children in the car for so long – I would have gone crazy, LOL. Having said that, I am sure you all feel this is time very well spent and will not be forgotten. I think you have set a great example for all us moms who wish we had your determination.

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