52 – Episode 6: How to Make Faux Metallic Letters

Have you seen those cool zinc/metallic letters hanging on walls, propped up casually on bookshelves or staking their claim on a mantel?  They’re a pretty cool home decor piece but not good for the wallet when you’re ordering them from a store.   In the newest “52” video, I’ll show you how to make your own knock off of this cool letter for a fraction (we’re talking under $10) of the price!

I bought 12″ paper mache letters for less than $3 each, on sale.  You can find the Krylon Metallic paint at many craft and home improvement stores.  Here’s a link to it on Amazon: Metallic Spray Paint 11oz-Silver.

It’s true that my letters aren’t real zinc but they also didn’t cost $98 each.  I still dig the $98 letters, I just don’t have that kind of letter money. 😉

52 is on hiatus temporarily due to illness.

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  1. You are so clever, Joy! I enjoyed your easy and quick video tutorial. I hope you will post a picture when all the letters are done and displayed in your craft room.

    1. Thank you, June! I will definitely post the finished photo. I’m excited about finally getting all those letters on the wall. I wonder if I’ll look like the Tin Man after I finish spraying all of those? LOL!

  2. Joy, Thank you for sharing this tutorial! You make the crafts you share look so easy to do. I recently made one, not the faux letter one but I will do that soon – however, I made a gift, etching a dollar store mirror with the recipients monogram. She loved it! It looked like it cost me a bundle but all it took was following the directions in your Vinylology dvd. Thanks!

  3. Very cool–I hope to see the finished photo too.

  4. Kathleen P says:

    Great project! I love metallic spray paint, have used it for years. My fave is Rust-Oleum “hammered” metallic spray. That one and their textured or wrought iron metallic spray paints would be cool for the letters too! I spray painted wall switch plates and vent covers with that stuff to make a room not so boring. Thanks Joy!

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