2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project

2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project #2LiterBottlePeople #SchoolProject

Yep.  This dude has a 2 Liter bottle body.

Have your kids had to do the “Make a person out of a 2 liter bottle and a styrofoam ball project?” What a PAIN!!

DS had to do that recently and his guy to create was Nikita Kruschev. Geeze!

Here’s how you do it:
1. Put sand in empty 2 liter bottle, for stability.
2. Buy medium styrofoam ball and cut a hole in it so that it can fit on the cap of the 2 liter bottle.
3. Decorate.

Here’s what we did:
Covered the head with a white paper bag because just sytrofoam was ugly and we didn’t have any paper mache, which I thought would work well. Then, we rubber banded the bag into place. His outfit is made with some leftover polar fleece I had when I made DS#1 an Ash (from Pokemon) vest.  We had an idea of what he should look like from this photo.  Looking at the photo, I just cut out some material and folded it into the correct shapes for his clothes.  Then I used a very hot glue gun (too hot for DS to use) to seal the pieces together. Nikita turned out great! You can even put things in his pockets.  His tie and white shirt are polar fleece too. His little Russian hat is so cute. We used poly-fil for his hair and eyebrows…which we took outside and spray painted with black. We used the Cricut Expression to cut out the little stars and circle. DS added a face (of course), which is not shown here.

2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project #2LiterBottlePeople #SchoolProject

The back of Nikita.

2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project #2LiterBottlePeople #SchoolProject

Nikita to the Right.

2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project #2LiterBottlePeople #SchoolProject

Nikita to the Left.

2 Liter Soda or Pop Bottle People Project #2LiterBottlePeople #SchoolProject

Yes, I did feel the need to make Nikita Pop Art.  Can you say, “geek”?

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  1. wow. I hope my son neeeeeeeeeeever has to do anything like this!
    You did a great job and the instructions are really clear! Love it!

  2. Unfortunately my son has to make James Cook, the famous explorer, out of a 2 liter bottle! Thank you for your detailed information, as I am not very creative!
    I hope mine comes out half as good as yours!

  3. Denimandroses says:

    My son was just given this project for Black History Month. We’re currently working on a Scott Joplin doll! He’s not perfect (or done yet), but I think he’ll be pretty cute. 🙂

    And I wanna’ learn to do the pop art too!!!! (Yeah, I can say “geek”! LOL)

  4. beatlefan9 says:

    OMG!! Thanks for the tips my son has to do one on JFK and its due in two days (he forgot to tell me about it) so thanks for the great tips

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