Why I Don’t Accept Free (or Discounted) Cricut or Silhouette Machines

I want you to know something up front. I don’t work for Cricut, which is pretty obvious if you read this review.  I pay for all of my Cricut (and Silhouette and Brother while we’re on the subject) machines, supplies … all that stuff, myself.

I do that because I want to be able to give my honest opinion about the product, and if someone gives you something, it’s hard to not to have positive feelings about that, that’s natural. I do create sponsored content, but you’ll see my disclosure statement about that at the beginning or sometimes the end of posts, here’s an example.

Oh, I have done giveaways for different stores where they gave me a cartridge, which I disclosed.  I’ve also created a few Cricut posts, like this one, for a friend, where she gave me the cartridges, but I declared that in those posts too.  So…

Once More with Feeling

I buy these machines myself.  I don’t work for Cricut, Silhouette or Brother…or any other die cut manufacturer or store,  I just work for me.  I do affiliate my links via Shareasale and Amazon, where I have shopped since 1999.  I love you, Amazon.

Thanks for reading this!  Now let’s get back to the fun stuff!