Tim Holtz Sizzix Paper Rosette Video

I love this video.  I hope it teaches you something about how to use the Tim Holtz Paper Rosette die, but I have to say…DH and I watched this video and just burst out laughing.  So as much as I hope I teach you something, I hope you get a good laugh too.  This was a bit of a comedy of errors.  LOL!

Here’s a link to the video where I use the Your Story to laminate the Sizzix die information.


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  1. I wasn’t laughing AT you; I was laughing WITH you! I can’t tell you how many products I have purchased and then it turned out to be more effort than it was worth! Thanks for sharing that even though you are Super Joy, you are still human like the rest of us!

  2. Joy,
    I absolutely loved your video. I love then energy you have. I laughed so many times, you have made my morning.
    ((I think you needed zippy to help ya hold it down))
    It turned out great.

  3. That was so funny Joy! I know it probably wasn’t for you at the time but that flower REALLY gave you a run for your money! HEE HEE! Have a great day!

  4. teehee…I loved the video, dont you just love when paper does not want to cooperate. I may use your tip of yelling at it 🙂

  5. thanks for the morning smiles once again Joy!!! <3 U! I have made these by hand and they are tricky little buggers…. this die is a must have… how much easier not to try to get the folds all the same yourself!! Thx for sharing!

    Have a GREAT weekend! =)

  6. Ha ha I did have a laugh watching this, it just what happened to me when I made my first one too.
    Kim xXx

  7. Did enjoy your video!! Alway good to put a smile on your face!!! I’m going to try these!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Loved the video and you had me laughing. I love when you talk to yourself…reminds me of me. Yes I do shout at my paper products. Great video

  9. Someone told me to use a HOT GLUE GUN to do this. GENIUS!! Hot Glue Gun = Faster Rosette Success. 😉

    P.S. I’m glad I made you all laugh! I do give a thumbs up to this die though. Even in my confusion, and without hot glue, I was able to make the rosette. YAY! After I uploaded this video, I made 7 more. It was still a little tricky without the glue gun, but I LOVE this die!! 🙂

  10. I got a kick out of your video today. You’re too cute!

  11. Janet Licari says:

    Glad the flower is working better for you. Love the musical notes and other effects you put into your video. You are Super!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  12. Fun video! A glue gun is the best for gluing the first circle on (it was recommended by Tim). To form the rosette, stand it with the curved edges down, gather the top (straight edge) and press down – easy peasy!

    For the bottom/back center, I punch or cut scraps into squares or circles. Since that part won’t show, anything will work. I use a lot of end flaps from cereal & cracker boxes. LOL

    I love my rosette die and can’t wait for the new mini die.

  13. Great video Joy, I have made these, but not with the die, by cutting a strip of paper and scoring it, and it was soooo crazy trying to get it to stay put…. I would put the bottle of glue on top to hold it while it was setting, I did 6 of them….I was sooo glad to get the last one done….lol

  14. Cindylu2u says:

    Hehehe, loved the video!! I shout at my projects too, but you would have to bleep my video, I would have had a few extra words in there. Done the rosettes without the die, I love these things!! Thanks for the giggle!

  15. jstspiffy92 says:

    love the video, you always have fun no matter what

  16. OMG! Joy, you crack me up and so remind me of myself. I don’t have the die but have made this with just a strip of paper and scoring it myself. And flipping like you did trying to get it to stay. What a chore!!! LOL, love how they turn out but boy, a person could really lose there religion with this Rosette.
    angel hugs
    PS. Thanks for making me see I am not the only one that had a problem getting this one to stay.

  17. patriciao73 says:

    This was a very entertaining video! Made me laugh and smile a lot! But I’ve learned about a new die cut that I think I must have! LOL

  18. Loved your video! I too, fought this little flower in the beginning. I went for the glue gun first, There’s not a glue out there that’s fast enough for me.

    I am having trouble with the perforations splitting even on a good cardstock. Any suggestions??

    Love your videos.

    1. Stefb,
      Try using a thinner paper instead of cardstock. That might help. I think some splitting with cardstock is probably inevitable. There are ways to make the rosettes by just scoring paper, but that completely leaves out using this cool die. Maybe you could try adding a shim (more paper/cardstock) or a crease pad to the die to see if it will cut a little more shallow. A lighter perforation might keep it from splitting. I hope that helps! I need to pull that die back out and try that too. 🙂

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