Teresa Collins Cricut Cartridges Announced

Exciting news for Teresa Collins fans!  She has collaborated with Provo Craft to create both a regular Cricut cartridge and one for the Cricut Imagine!  Very nice!  So far they’re saying the cartridges will have frames and be ornate.  

There’s also a new I-top announced.I don’t even have an I-top…but I’ve been thinking I need an I-top. If you think the same thing you’re in luck 2 ways. I’m betting the current one is going to go on sale because it was just announced that a new one is on its way.  Sadly, it’s way takes a while and isn’t planned to make its debut until June.

UPDATE: Now there are all kinds of button makers available, like the I-top!

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  1. I-top? Please educate!?

  2. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing the video too 🙂

  3. Joy,
    This is so cool.
    Thanks for the video

  4. BigMamaKaboose says:

    Yep, saw the video last nite. I can’t wait!
    Google I-Top. Its not something I ever felt I needed but will see what the new one is about.

  5. Janet Licari says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. Everyone is having fun and the new cart should be a good one to look forward to.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  6. Dawnmarie says:

    That is so exciting!!! I can’t wait. Thanks!

  7. I don’t have an IHop yet but it is on my wish list.

  8. This new creative outlet of mine is getting crazy expensive…lol.

  9. Thanks for the info. I have been debating about the itop too. I can’t decide if I would get my money out of it or not!?!

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