Renewing Precious Furniture and Bringing Out the Beauty

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Renewing Precious Furniture and Bringing Out the Beauty

Since we started updating our home, it seems like we’ll never be done. There’s always a new idea or project that pops into our minds or a real job that requires our attention, but sometimes these changes cause me to see something in a different way and to take a chance. When I was a teenager my Dad had a bookshelf made for me. I loved it immediately. It is a very simple piece, but was commissioned by my Dad and handmade by his close friend, so it’s special. I lost my Dad in 1999, so the things he gave me have become even more precious. That’s why making any kind of change to those things took a lot of time, but one day I looked at it and realized that I could bring more beauty out of it, it could look better, and with a little TLC and a coat of paint, it could be renewed.

Sanding the Bookshelf

Step One: Sand pre-painted furniture with a light sandpaper. We used a 120 grit.

In some ways the process of repainting precious furniture is easy, especially with a straightforward project like this one, but in some ways it’s hard. It’s easy to sand down the old paint and make it ready for new.

Step Two: Wipe off any dust with a clean rag so you have a clean surface to paint.

It’s fun to go to the store and pick out a new color, even if you just go with white.

Adding Frog Tape to the Bookcase

Step Three: Tape off the areas that you don’t mean to paint. A steady hand can mean less tape, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We’re painting inside because our garage is in desperate need of a purge and it’s practically raining pollen outside. We’re being super careful!

Painting the Bookcase

Step Four: Using a paint with primer added to it (or priming the piece first) begin to cover the old paint.

It’s easy to want the change, but that first stroke of paint, that covers up what your Dad picked out for you…that’s hard.

So, you have your husband do it while you watch. You take it easy. You remember to breathe and enjoy the renewal.

Painting the Bookshelf

Step Five: Add additional layers, if needed for coverage, according to the directions on the paint can.

Especially when it’s for your own daughter, like this is for mine. I wanted to paint this piece white years ago, but I wasn’t ready.

Step Six: Let it dry.

Now, she’s almost finished with college and it may seem dumb to work so hard on a room that, going forward, will probably spend more time as a guest room than her childhood room. I still think it’s important.

I think my father would be thrilled that it matches all of his granddaughter’s white furniture, that I still love the piece, in all of it’s warm wood and simplicity, and I do. So much.

Pledge bookcase

Step Seven: Dust, Clean and Shine.

Before I added her things back to the bookcase, I made sure the wood was clean too. I used Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray for that.

Renewing Precious Furniture and Bringing Out the Beauty

Step Eight: Place your furniture. Add special touches.

This is a gift of beauty for my daughter. I want her room to be a place where she can relax after all of her hard work studying for years in a school that’s so far away that she can’t comfortably come home every weekend. I want her to focus on the beauty of this wood while it holds the contents of both a childhood and an adulthood coming together. I want her to be as comforted as I am that someone took the time to make something that they hoped would be found beautiful, and with this update, created just for her.

Bookcase makeover

So, I say all of this to encourage you to take a chance. Renew a precious piece of furniture for yourself or for someone you love. If you don’t feel comfortable using paint, bring out the beauty of the wood by cleaning it with Pledge®. I’ve used it my whole life and wouldn’t use anything else.

Pledge on Granite

Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray can be used for furniture cleaning all around the house to quickly clean, condition and protect – all while leaving behind the classic, fresh lemon Pledge® scent. I love that smell! They have it in orange too, if you’re like me and love that orange smell. I can’t decide which one I like better. One thing I really appreciate is that Pledge® also features Allergens Trappers® to remove dust and up to 90% of the allergens found in dust. Thank goodness, because I already spend the Spring months sneezing my head off. I recently learned that Pledge® Lemon Clean can be used to dust, shine and protect a variety of household surfaces including wood, laminate, stainless steel, leather, marble, granite and plastic. What? I didn’t know that about granite, so I tried it!

Bringing Out the Beauty

Look at that shine! It’s even reflecting things across the room!

Repainting Things You Love

There are other great Pledge® products too like the handy, Pledge® Lemon Wipes. There’s also the Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower®. It’s an all-purpose cleaner that contains a worry-free formula that cleans up smudges and messes while safely leaving the finish alone. Nice! I want to try the Pledge® FloorCare Products. We’re redoing our floors so I don’t need that quite yet, but once we’re done, I’m trying it! I picked up all of my Pledge® products and those pretty flowers while I was at Kroger.

Is there a favorite piece of furniture or area in your house where you could bring out more beauty?


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