Playstation4 Must Have – The New PS4 Universal Remote Control

New PS4 TV Remote Control #Playstation #PS4 #gamer

I’ve been a gamer since the Atari 2600 came out.  My family didn’t have one but two of my friends did.  We spent umpteen hours playing those pixelated games.  That’s also the time in my life when I learned that the best nachos could be made using taco sauce, cheddar cheese and nuking them half to death in the early 80’s massive microwaves.  That’s still the way to my heart, just saying…I  mean the nachos, not giant microwaves.  Anyway, not much has changed, other than 30+ years, a husband and three children.  I still enjoy gaming and now it’s even a family passion.

The first Christmas my husband and I even knew each other, he gave me a Super Nintendo.  We would stay up all night trying to bend Mario to our will.  That’s about the time I bought a Fry Daddy for his apartment and we put on 10 pounds each in about 15  minutes.  That’s also why I stopped frying things.  Why does fried food have to be so good?   So, I’ve matured since then (um…well) and so have game systems (that part is true).  Every new generation that comes out has better graphics, capacity, something.  In our family, we’re typically early adopters to new technology, so when the new PS4 came out.  We bought them.  Well, except for me.New PS4 TV Remote Control #Playstation #PS4 #gamer   I hung onto my PS3 for longer than I wanted to because there was a remote for it.  Yes, that’s the only reason.  The PS3 had one and the PS4 didn’t.  The remote meant that I could finish gaming and then watch all my shows from Amazon, Hulu and Netflix with a normally shaped, standard looking and feeling TV/Playstation universal remote.  

Eventually, I gave up my PS3 and my remote because I wanted to play the new Batman Arkham Knight game.  I’d finished both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and Arkham Knight was only on PS4.  I bought this awesome Batman PS4 console and was thrilled!

New PS4 TV Remote Control #Playstation #PS4 #gamer

It looked super cool to me, and dig the controller!  You can see it in my photo at the top or where I instagrammed it (simply because I was so happy with my new PacMan blanket).  I traded in old Supernatural DVD sets at MovieStop for that blanket, since they’re all on Netflix and weren’t Blu-ray anyway.  Regardless…nerd.

New PS4 TV Remote Control #Playstation #PS4 #gamer

So, there I was, in love with the new system and having to control my TV/all the stuff I watch through the Playstation 4, using a standard controller.  I hated it so much.  Every night, I would put the controller on my bedside table and that blue light would freaking blind me all night.  I finally put it in a drawer.  The next day, if I wanted to play a game, my controller was drained from acting as a tv remote all night.  So, then my only option was to buy an additional controller.  That way I could change them out.

And then finally…

Playstation announced…

A new TV/Universal Remote control for the PS4…and I was happy once again.

New PS4 TV Remote Control #Playstation #PS4 #gamer

So happy that I bought one for each PS4 that we have.  I CANNOT wait to get mine and to stop making my game controller work a double shift.

My advice to you?  Go get one!  The PS4 Universal remote control makes the TV/Netflix, etc watching a much nicer experience and it’s cheaper than buying another controller!

This post is not sponsored by anyone.  I’m just a game fan!

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