Frosted Glass Vinyl Snowflake Block

This was made using Krylon Frosted Glass Finish Aerosol Paint and vinyl.

Lighted Frosted Glass Block

I made this glass block using vinyl as both the negative and positive image.  This snowflake is a very simple image to use for this project.  Basically, you first lay down a shadow image and either spray wtih Krylon Frosted Glass Finish Aerosol Paint or glass etching cream.  Remove the shadow image and you have clear glass where the spray or etching cream could not adhere.  Lay your regular (non shadow) vinyl image over that space.  That’s what gives my snowflake a shadowy look.

Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

In my Cricut Vinylology DVD I show you how to create a similar project using a beautiful and intricate tree.  I LOVE the way that one turned out.  You can catch a glimpse of it in the Cricut Vinylology commercial on my Products page where you can also purchase the DVD.

I purchase these glass blocks at Hobby Lobby.  They sell these stands there too. 🙂  I like to fill my blocks with a small strand of LED lights.  I can’t remember which Cricut cartridge I used for the snowflake, but many of the carts have snowflakes.  Frosted glass spray gives the block that look.  You could also glass etch the blocks. 😉

Have a Super Day!

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  1. breedlove67 says:

    That is so cool! I have never seen those blocks before and we don’t have a Hobby Lobby. I’ll have to look online.

  2. Great project – thanks for sharing!

  3. crystalsnap says:

    Cool…. I’m heading to HB today. I might have to pick one of those up. I would love to make one with our surname initial on it…

  4. crystalsnap says:

    I meant HL….LOL Hobby lobby

  5. This is beautiful. I have always wanted to try this but the ones i’ve seen have had a glass etched image (which I tried and looked AWFUL) so this is much easier and also much prettier. Thanks or sharing.

  6. This is awesome. I have never heard of the frosted spray, gonna have to find some. TFS

  7. I got some glass blocks on clearance at Lowes. Really like your approach. I’ve made enough mistakes etching wine glasses to not want to attempt the more expensive glass blocks. Thanks!

  8. Oh, I’ll bet this is gorgeous all lit up at night! TFS

    arcocha at yahoo dot com

  9. flipflopdiva says:

    VERY COOL!!! (Get it??–Snow!!–Cool!?!!?!) :LOL!!
    Love it!! Also loving the LED lights that were so popular this year!! Those suckers are really bright!!! You always do a great job!!!

  10. Janet Licari says:

    Nice decorations for the winter. Didn’t know there were stands too. Thanks for showing us this project.

  11. The blocks at HL are a bit expensive when you compare them to Lowe’s or Home Depot … but if you buy from Lowe’s or Home Depot, you have to have someone drill a hole in them … or buy the bit … but that is even more expensive … so what it all boils down to is that buying them at HL is not so bad … especially if you can use a coupon or when they are on sale … when they do either ….

    I made some of the lighted boxes last year (luckily I knew someone who had purchased a “lot” and drilled holes and I got them very reasonable) with the lights and ribbon and embellishments … never thought about etching on them, too … I have one left … just might have to try that …

    These “suggestions” are all so neat … glad I joined.

  12. These look great; didn’t know HL sold them pre-drilled. You’ve got to be very careful drilling your own. Thanks, Joy. Hopefully, I can do some of these before next Christmas!

  13. Love this idea. Didn’t know there was a frosted glass spray.Thanks for sharing

  14. scrappingrandma says:

    cool!! The snow flake looks like the ones I have on my door and they came from the Christmas cart.. Same one that we got the angels from..

  15. clairbear3 says:

    Super Cute!

  16. I really want to make a glass block light for my bedroom

  17. This is too cute! I am really gonna have to make one of these night lights. – – I love your give away too! I would really like to win it! I can think of many, many things to do with them.

  18. Cool! I have never noticed these at HL before.

  19. deb sparks says:

    Love this, too. I didn’t know HL sold these either. Can’t wait to get to T town and go to HL to get one!!! Thanks, you’re the best!!!

  20. This is beautiful. I have never done a glass block before.

  21. tammy1965 says:

    was wondering if after you frost painted the blocks, could a paper self adhesive label be put on it?

    1. Tammy,
      I’m not sure it would stick very long. It would depend on how strong the adhesive was. If it’s for a tag, I would just tie a ribbon around the block and attach the tag to that. 😉

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