My Cat Domino’s Personal Business Part 2 – Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Litter. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Cat Domino's Personal Business Part 2  #FreshStepCats review #ad #cat #pets

My husband takes care of the cat box.  I don’t remember when that became a fact but it’s been that way a long time.  So, litter being heavy wasn’t an issue for me because he dealt with it.  He’s strong, so it wasn’t an issue for him either…until July…when he got an elbow injury that he’s still in physical therapy for.  His elbow was so messed up, he couldn’t lift more than a few pounds with that arm and even that hurt.  He’s getting better but here we are in October and where is he right now?  Physical therapy.  The cool litter fact is that when it came to filling the cat box with the Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter, he was able to do it and it didn’t hurt his arm!  YAY!  It being 30% lighter makes a difference!

My Cat Domino's Personal Business Part 2  #FreshStepCats review #ad #cat #pets

Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter works great in our automatic litter box.  It’s definitely clumping and coating the mess.  I haven’t noticed a lot of dust either.  The odor control is good too.  Thank goodness!  Overall, I give it a thumbs up.  Want to try it?  It’s available at Target.  Look for the display that you see in this post.

My Cat Domino's Personal Business Part 2  #FreshStepCats review #ad #cat #pets

Meanwhile, Domino cannot believe that I’m talking about his personal cat box business again.

My Cat Domino's Personal Business Part 2  #FreshStepCats review #ad #cat #pets

I gave him a few head scratches to try and make up for this overshare of his private life and that worked…for a minute.

My Cat Domino's Personal Business Part 2  #FreshStepCats review #ad #cat #pets

Then our dog, Saban, came by to help and Domino was pretty sure that this had become the most embarrassing morning ever.

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  1. Oh, don’t worry–your cat *WILL* get back at you when you LEAST expect it to happen…you might just want to sleep with ONE eye open though! 🙂

    We don’t have cats–my 2 daughters do, so I’ll tell them about this new ‘lightweight’ litter since they live on the second floor of their apartment complex and have to lug up the containers. Thanks for the review & I hope hubby gets better soon. Arm problems–no matter which part of it, are NO fun!

  2. Joy,
    More great shots, but the Saban’s is kind of scary…looks like Saban can fit Domino’s head in his mouth.

  3. I have used the fresh Step not the lightweight. The smell was overpowering for me and I had to click to the Arm & Hammer. It was also really dusty.

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