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Flowers & Leaves Pantographs E2E Designs

Flowers and Leaves pantographs are some of my personal favorites because they work well on so many quilts. They surprise me with their versatility. They can shine on modern quilts and take an honored place on a more traditional quilt. They’re good on baby & kid quilts, holiday quilts and even floral and leaf on floral and leaf. Think broadly of what they have to offer and the quilt story that you are trying to tell. Have fun choosing!

Monstera Leaf
Jungle Party 2
Forest Walk
Oak Leaves
Fall Leaves Anne Bright
Droopy Marigold
Sunny Flower Dense
Sunny Flower
Bridal Flower
By the Seashore
Stephys Flower
Grandmas Flower
Mothers Tulips
Ice Crystals
Adena E2E 2
Adena E2E Flower
Flower Whirl 1
Flower Whirl 2
Dragon Fly Flower
Frosting Flowers Meander 2
Simple Tulips
Petal Crest
Festival Fan
Lotus Lights
Prickly Pear
Prickly Pear Blossom
Cushion Pear
Don’t Leaf Me E2E Dense
Flower Power
Fall Leaves
Fall Stipple
Heirloom Wheat
Tropical Swirl
Rose Bud
Ginkgo Leaf
Trillium Leaf Allover
Island Flower
Rainforest Canopy
Midsummer Dream E2E 3
Sylvia’s Anniversary
Rebekah’s Rose
Celebrate – Petite
Bean Sprout
Creeping Fig
Morning Glory Leaves
Scrolling Vine
Intrepid Hills
Wild Greenhouse Clamorama
Dole Leaf
Evergreen Expanse
Pumpkin Patch MCS
West Wind in Autumn
A Rose is a Rose 2

Pantographs are also known as Edge to Edge Designs or all over quilting. I’m always adding new designs, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to me and we can work together to find a design you love!

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