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Our summer started off great.  I have a family who loves to travel and I saved up to take the whole family on a trip to Key West, Florida.

  We had a fabulous time.


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And then…

About a day after we got home, we found out my son had a collapsed lung.  It was a strange thing, since he runs cross country and was otherwise healthy.  He spent the rest of the summer in the hospital, recovering, getting surgery and recovering again.  I don’t tell this to be shocking, though it was truly shocking to us.

When you’ve got an emergency, you need your money and as few other worries as possible.   You know what I mean? That’s why I always buy travel insurance.  It’s one less thing that I have to worry about.  If you’re planning a trip consider using Allianz Global Assistance.  They are a leading travel insurance company that provides travelers with financial protection and 24/7/365 travel assistance around the world, which is awesome because if you love to travel like I do, you never know where you might take off to next.  The company offers Allianz Travel Insurance products that will refund a customer’s pre-paid travel deposits if they have to cancel a trip for a reason covered by their policy.  Plus, their Travel Assistance team can help travelers with medical emergencies, travel snafus and more.

Now that my son is getting better, I’m planning another trip for us.  I feel the call of large scale amusement parks and some happy vacationing with the people I love.  Where are you going next?  What do you think about adding travel insurance to your trip?

Today’s post is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance through the Bloggy Moms Network.

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