Food & Drinks Pantographs E2E Designs

How cute are food & drinks pantographs? Um, soooo cute! They are perfect for any food or farm quilt, of course, but imagine other things you can make with them, like fabric baskets and bags. Don’t forget that you can ask me to quilt fabrics together for you that you then take and turn into something besides a quilt! So cool! I think the cupcakes design would be so cute on a birthday table runner and on a sweet quilt too!

Fresh Pies
Apple Baskets
Wine Glasses
Rhapsody Tea Cups
Ice Cream Cone
Utensil Drawer
Well Butter My Biscuit
Baked with Love
Simple Carrots
Fruit Salad

Sweetie Pie

Pantographs are also known as Edge to Edge Designs or all over quilting. I’m always adding new designs, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to me and we can work together to find a design you love!

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