Cricut Circle, New Bird Cartridge, New Cricut Companions, Gypsy Update

Have you seen the Cricut Circle promos and wondered what they were?  First it was a strange Cricut head, then it circled a ladies head and now …  some pictures and new Cricut Circle EXCLUSIVE content?!  Yep.  I long speculated that this would be a membership based club where you could possibly download exclusive images, fonts and content and I think that’s exactly the direction this is moving.

In the meantime…just know that there will be “French Manor” content in the next release!

Give Me the Bird … LOL!

There’s been talk for a few months about a bird cartridge coming out where you can dress up the bird.  I don’t know if that’s something I really need, do you?  If it looks like all the other birds they’ve put out, I’ll pass.  I’m hopeful that it’s really unusual, but based on recent carts like Create a Critter, I’m sure it will be super cute.  I’ll probably end up needing it anyway.

More New Cricut Companions…more cartridges?

I was browsing a store online and look what I found!  3 new Cuttlebug Cricut Companions!  Does that mean 3 new cartridges?  Hard to have a Cricut Companion if they don’t go with some carts.  To be fair, these Companions really could go with things that are already out, but the other Companions that have previously been announced have names that exactly match the cartridges.  So, it leads one to believe that these specific carts are on their way! If not, they need to start grouping them a little differently.  Here are the new Cricut Cuttlebug Companion folders:




Pretty cool things are happening aren’t they?  All this plus the recent Gypsy update makes for a very cool start to the summer, I think!

I hope you have a “crafty” day!



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  1. Thanks for the updates Joy! I don’t have to keep an eye on multiple sites, I just visit yours regularly. I appreciate you doing all the work for us 🙂

    I am loving the new folders! Are they for sale now?

    1. Thanks Kmgillon! That’s the nicest compliment! 😀
      The folders aren’t available yet. I wish they’d hurry and release them. 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s looking like a membership type thing. I’ve thought that for awhile, because a few months ago, they did Provo Craft did a survey asking about whether or not you would be interested in a membership type service. I doubt I will do it though, because based on their pricing in the survey, it will be more than I’d want to spend. I’d rather spend the money on new cartridges or save up for the gypsy. I think they might be rolling out too many new things this year personally. So many carts, so many folders that it’s already overwhelming.

    I really like the animal print Cuttlebug folders. Very cute. Prob the only ones I’d buy out of those since it’s more versatile.

  3. Teetle81 – I bought a gypsy online at ebay and now I’m having buyers remorse. Would you be interested in buying mine? It’s brand new. I got a good price on it. Let me know. My email address is [email protected] If not, that’s totally fine. 🙂


  4. I just can’t wait and I will love to be on the “charter” but it will all depend how much green will cost me? LOL

    It is getting harder and harder to keep up with PC 🙁

  5. Oooooooh!! Love those new folders!! Is it just me or is that NEW French Manor the OLD European Decor that bit the dust and never appeared!?!????

    1. Jaybee,
      I had the same thought! I do think that’s European Decor repackaged and trotted out again. Now it looks like so many other things they’ve recently released, like Summer in Paris. 😉 Oh well, I’m still interested in seeing what they do…as always! I’m such a sucker for Cricut anything! LOL!

  6. I can’t remember what the price ranges were in the survey they sent. But I do remember they had questions like which of these price ranges would you be willing to spend on this and I remember thinking, um all of those are higher than I’d pay per month. LOL

  7. Oh I love the animal ones. The Peacock one will be great with the Peacock on the cricut circle promo – French Manor.
    You could use the retro kitchen with the stuff on FMK.
    Didn’t they say the invite would be going out this month? It’s almost the 15th and nothing yet. Maybe that is for “Hello Thursday” on the 17th?!

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