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Bird & Butterfly Pantographs E2E Designs

Bird & Butterfly pantographs fit so many different kinds of quilts and can often be a good match regardless of fabric or season. There are many favorites in this group! Pine Tree & Chickadee made a beautiful Christmas quilt that gave it story even though the quilt was made of solids. Think of the story you’re trying to tell when you choose your design. Ideas can come from the fabric itself, who it is for and simply, what you love.

Butterfly Flutters
Midsummer Dream Standard
Midsummer Dream Edge to Edge 2
Midsummer Dream with Pearls
Flying Birds
Bird Bath
Peace e2e
Peace Doves
Airy Peace Dove
Simple Chicks
Farm Girls
Dragon Fly Flower
In the Clovers
Pine Tree & Chickadee
Ansley Park Edge to Edge 2
Honeycomb with Bees
Retro Bumble Bee
Dragonfly Dance
Denise’s Dragonflies

Pantographs are also known as Edge to Edge Designs or all over quilting. I’m always adding new designs, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to me and we can work together to find a design you love!

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