Here are links to all of the Joy’s Life videos so far.

All of the Joy’s Life Videos

Here is a link to all of the videos I have done.  Below you will find all of these videos categorized.  In the categories below, you may also find related non-video posts mixed in with the videos.  If you just want a list of every video I’ve done the link above is your buddy.  😉  I hope you enjoy them!

Joy’s Life “How To” Videos

These are videos where I show you how to use different products or how to use products in a different way!

Joy’s Life Gypsy Videos

The Gypsy Videos are all about the Gypsy by Provo Craft.  It works with a Cricut as a designing tool.  If you’ve never heard of the Gypsy or just bought one, you’ll learn a lot helpful beginner information from Gypsy Basics – Gypsy Video #1.  There are other videos about the Gypsy too and more to come!

Cricut Cake “Fake Cake” Videos

I converted my Cricut Expression into a Cricut Cake!  I call it a “Fake Cake” since it’s not a true Cricut Cake.  You can watch me cut things off of my old Expression to convert it into a “Cake” and see me make food things with it too!


  1. Joy,
    Thank you sooo much for doing all of the demo’s ! They are a GREAT help.. You may never know how many people you have helped in doing all of these wonderful videos!!! TFS!!!

  2. Question. I stumbled upon your site and love it. I have a gypsy but am unable to figure out how to layer items when they need to proportional. ie. Mickey Mouse or Belle. When I try to paper piece I can’t find the right sizes. Can you help me on this one? Or anybody?

  3. Joy,
    I understood it all, but I tried that. The down size is that I don’t know the exact size it needs to be. When no using the gypsy it automatically makes the parts the same size as the other cut outs. The only way to figure out the size would be to try the different sizes. If I am not explaining it well plese let me know, and you can e-mail me and maybe I can explain how I am trying with both the cricut and gypsy. Thanks

  4. Hello to everyone! I will like to let you guys know I just recently bought the cricut expression n gypsy bundle. I’m trying to get as much information n trying to learn how to use it as well. I really will like to thank Jou for the videos they are very detailed n easy to understand. I realized that my gypsy needs to be updated but I have a quick question. Will da cart’s that are already installed will delete when I update it? Or will I be able to keep them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Aexiga,
      Congrats on your new Expression and Gypsy!! 🙂 You’re always able to view the carts that are on your Gypsy and your update will often include newly added cartridges. Although you can view and design with any of the cartridges that are on your Gypsy…you can only cut with the cartridges you own. 😉 So, you’ll use that funny looking cord to upload the cartridges you have and those are the ones you can actually cut with. I hope that helps! 😀

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  6. Joy I just want to thank you for all the info and videos that you put out there for those of us that are new at this. I just recently got the gypsy and your videos has been a great help. I found a site where I could download and print the booklets that go with the cart. that came with the gypsy and I did get one printed out but I did’nt get the gypsy font printed. Can you help me with this. I really like being able to have the booklet to have on hand. Again thank you for all of your sharing and I am so glad I found your site.

    1. Hey Maggie1,
      I’m so glad my videos have been helpful to you! 🙂 Thank you!
      I don’t have printable booklets for the cartridges, but you can go to the Cricut site Cricut Cartridge Library and see the images. Maybe you could make one from that. 😉 I hope that helps!

  7. Joy…I love your videos…Thanks for them…I have learned alot.

    P.s. I finally found the blog to make the paper roses…they are awesome.

    Again, thanks!!


  8. hi
    Just watched your video on the Car Wash that would be so wonderful for my grandson just need to find a box suitable as we don’t have those big hand towel boxes in New Zealand but i am sure I will find something to do the job. Thank you so much from Kiwi land way down under. Cheers Gysplee

  9. I LOVE ALL of your videos! You are the best EVER! Thanks a lot for devoting a lot of time to teach a lot of people WONDERFUL crafts! And you have A LOT of Talent!!THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

  10. I love my DVD’s on Vinyl from you!!! They are my world now!!! I am a sight person and I love that I can watch and do at the same time!

  11. I really appreciate all you have and do on this site. There is so much here to view i am sure it will take me weeks to get thru it all.

  12. I am new to the Cricut scene but watching your videos makes me want to jump right in. You make it seems so easy. Thank you and I have bookmarked your site for my guidance.

  13. I love you website and videos. I accidently, stumbled upon your site when I was searching for ideas for Critcuts. I has just went to the store and saw the Cricut Cake. I thought that, since I make a lot of cakes it would be so fun the transpose my love of Critcutting in to cakes. I already have two cricuts and thought it was a pointless to purchase yet another one. I rolled the rubber rollers to the side of my Cricut Personal cutter and cut a beautiful fondant flower. Thanks for your inspiration.

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