Longarm Quilting Services Order Form

You've Made Something Awesome! Let's Get it Quilted!

You're ready to submit your information and get your longarm quilt project started! Here's the form that you will need for that. Exciting!!!

First, THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing me to add your final touch to your quilt! I love being a part of this beautiful process. I think quilts are one of the most amazing things in the world. They can bring joy, comfort, warmth and creative fulfillment to so many people. What could be better than that? So, again, thank you. It's a privilege to be a part of YOU making the world better. Hugs! Joy

I offer E2E (edge-to-edge) all over quilting using a Bernina Q24 longarm on the large pro frame. I do not offer custom quilting or binding, due to my quilt schedule. I am happy to quilt a t-shirt or other quilt top that you made, but I do not make quilt tops as part of my business. If you need help creating your quilt top, the Fat Quarter Shop has some great tutorials! This will help you estimate the cost of your quilt: Joy's Life Quilt Pricing

Hi, Quilty Friend! What's your name?


Email & Phone Number


We'll need to communicate about your quilt AND I like to send a few pics of the before, during and after process so you'll know how everything is going. I'll also send you a message if I see something that you need to make a decision about or if I see a spot on the fabric that you might not have noticed.

Home Address


What Size is Your Quilt?

example: 90
example: 108

I will measure your quilt when it arrives, because it's part of orienting the design, but you giving me the dimensions helps me give you a cost estimate. If the size varies when I measure it, I will let you know.

I'm happy to quilt your small project, but the minimum longarm quilting charge is $55. The maximum size quilt is 112". If you have a quilt larger than 112" send me a message.

What Design would You like?

You can find all of my available patterns on my E2E designs page .... I purchase many new E2E quilting designs every month. Sign up for my newsletter to see what patterns are new each month (as well as keeping up with quilt tips and posts!). Designs that I have are available at no cost to you. However, dense designs increase the quilting cost to $0.035 because they take a lot more time to quilt, and also more thread.

Quilting E2E Design Name *
Example: Eiffel Tower or Joy's Pick, other

Want me to pick your quilting design? Type "Joy's Pick" in the box above.

Purchase E2E design - Extra charge
Example: Add a link to the design.

OPTIONAL: If I do not already have the design that you would like, I'm happy to split the cost of an E2E quilting design with you. (If you want this option, put "other" in the "Quilting E2E design name" box above and drop the link to the design you want into the box below.) They usually cost around $15, so I would pay $7.50 and would add $7.50 to your invoice. I will keep that design in my library and there will be no charge to use it next time. When you're looking around the internet for designs, look for E2E or Edge to Edge designs. Here are a few of my favorite E2E designs shops: Quiltable, Anne Bright Designs and Urban Elementz. Don't purchase the design yourself, because we can't share it and I'll need to buy it to add it to my longarm. So, I'll purchase it and add the split cost to your invoice.

Tell Me About Your Quilt

Tell Me About Your Quilt
Who is it for? What makes it special to you?

Tell me a little about your quilt. Who is it for? What are their interests? For example: "loves horses, crazy about cars, is an engineer". Information like that can help me pinpoint some great selections for you. When I pick, it's still a collaboration, between the two of us. I will send you options that I think are a good match, and you'll pick from those, or we'll keep looking until we nail down the best match for you.


There are 3 parts to a quilt, (often referred to as the quilt sandwich) and you're providing me 2 to 3 of them. What are they? The top (that's what you pieced, that's your gorgeous work of art), the batting (that's what goes in the middle to make it warm, soft and/or give it loft (puffiness), and the backing (the fabric on the back, which you'll provide).

Batting can be puffy or flat, cotton, wool, polyester, bamboo, etc...there are a lot of options. I prefer using batting from the Quilters Dream brand and Warm and Natural or White and Natural by the Warm Company. If you buy batting from me, those are the ones that I use and have on hand. You can purchase your own batting (your brand choice and type) and send it with your top and backing and I can use that.

Remember, when you purchase (or send) batting, it must be 4" larger than your quilt top all the way around (that's 8 total inches added to the top and the bottom). So, if your quilt is 60" wide and 60" long, your batting will need to be 68" x 68".

I'll Use Joy's Batting *
Example: yes or no
I want this batting from Joy
Example: Quilters Dream Cotton or Joy's Pick

For example, you'd like (a specific Quilter's Dream batting) or Warm & Natural / White & Natural. If you want me to pick the best batting for your project, just write "you pick". Tell me if you want it to be a warm quilt for cold weather, or if you'd like it to be lighter for hot weather. Let me know if you'd like it to be puffy or flatter.

I'll provide My own batting
What kind of batting will you send?


The 3rd part of the quilt (or quilt sandwich) is the backing. The backing is simply the fabric that is used on the back.

Remember, backing must be 4" larger than your quilt top all the way around (that's 8 total inches added to the top and the sides). So, if your quilt is 60" wide and 60" long, your backing will need to be 68" x 68". Why? The backing is held by clamps so the longarm head can cover your quilt top with designs, it must be bigger for movement of the sewhead and because the process of quilting actually takes up fabric as the stitches occupy space. It must be longer because

I understand that my backing must be 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all four sides *
Example: yes or no
I understand that my batting must also be 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all four sides *
Example: yes or no

Sheets: For the best outcome, please do not send a sheet for the backing. No judgement on doing that, it's just that sheets can distort and possibly not hold up to the quilting process like quilting fabric. After putting all of your hard work and money into the quilt top, treat the back the same, with quality quilting fabric. Consider buying 108" quilting fabric for backings, if you want to avoid seams. If using sheets is a cost savings idea, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Can quilting with sheets be done? Yes. Have I done it, yes. Do I suggest it? No. You're asking a lot of that sheet, basically that it be something that it isn't. Now, quilting with a sheet on top and on the bottom, that's actually a better idea. I've quilted flannel sheets as the front and back and had really good results, but now we get into buying good sheets, and that's a whole new discussion. LOL


Due to my quilty schedule, I do not do bind quilts at this time. So sorry!

Can I Share? AKA Social Media Pics

I like to share some of the quilting process on social media, (for instance, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest) and on my website/blog (joyslife.com). Do I have your permission to share some pictures of your quilt and the Longarm quilting process of your quilt? I'm happy to tag you and/or mention you if you'll give me your tags for the different social media.

Social Media Share Permission *
yes or no
Example:@ joyjoyslife
Example: @joyslife
Example: @itsjoyslife
Example: @JoyJoyslife
Example: @joyjoyslife

What's Next? Where do I send my Quilt? How Long will this Take?

Here's what's going to happen next! First, FUN!!! I'm so excited to see your quilt and get started. I can't express how much I love this. I'm going to review what you told me about your quilt and send you an email with the cost as well as an approximate time estimate for completion. However, that doesn't include the time it takes to receive it from you, obviously, lol. So, the countdown will start after I receive it. I will let you know as soon as I have it in my quilty hands. I do require a 25% deposit prior to getting started. You'll ship it to me (where to ship will be sent to you after the deposit is received), and I will ship it back to you upon completion. (Right now, it's a 3 week turn around.)

Shipping to me and the shipping back to you is not included. I suggest shipping to me via USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex and getting insurance. I will ship back to you with insurance using one of the following ways: USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex. The cost for shipping back to you will be calculated after packing the completed quilt and weighing it, and will be included in your final payment invoice. Remember, they are heavier and bulkier going back to you than they were coming to me. I'm not responsible for quilts lost in shipping, but I try to do everything I can to make sure your quilt gets to you safely. Your quilt will be protected by a clear plastic bag and shipped in a nice, new box, ready to see you again!

Take a few pictures of your quilt and get ready to send them to me after I contact you. That will help me with any quilty suggestions! It also helps to keep your info with your exact quilt, especially if you send several.

I look forward to our quilting collaboration!