What Could Be Better Than A Marshmallow Shooter? Um, Nothing.

Mashmallow shooter

Hey, I know a little guy who’s about to have a birthday and he would LOVE this. There are plenty of big guys who’d like one too. Think office showdown. For that matter, dorm showdown. Ahh, marshmallow shooter olympics! Either way, you should give this as a gift to someone, even if that someone is you. What’s better than shouting, “Ok, time to eat your marshmallow gun droppings!”? You know you’re dying to shout that, but you’ll just sound like a big ole freak if you shout that without actually having one of these nifty babies leaving harmless marshmallow bullets around.

Only $14.99 through my Drugstore.com link below or you can click here: Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Shooter. Plus, just spend $25 with them (get 2 guns…who needs just one?) and you’ll get free shipping.

drugstore.com, inc.

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  1. As one of the “big guys” I can tell you, this is fun! and BTW, may I be the FIRST to congratulate you on your new BLOG!! Fun and full of great information.

  2. Awww, thank you for the congrats on my blog! And you are the first to congratulate me…thank you so much! Hey, it’s not the kids you have to watch out for with the toys…it’s the grown ups!! Thanks again!

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