Today in 1886 a Great Voice Was Born…

rocky bullwinkle

Well, a great voice from my childhood anyway. Although the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons debuted before my time, they still ran in the mornings in reruns when I was a footie pajama wearing kid. Always a fan of a good and funny story, one of my favorite parts of the show was the “Fractured Fairy Tale” segment. It told a familiar tale, with a moral, but it shook it up a bit. Even though every FFT began with a credit to Edward Everett Horton, I really never gave him a thought, but starting in 1959, he was the narrator of the “Fractured Fairy Tales”. His distinctive voice gave mood, balance and a gentleness to the cartoon. Just hearing him again makes me want to call my Mom and beg her to buy me some Count Chocula, Boo Berry or Frankenberry cereal…which I think she only did one time in my whole life. (I should call her and thank her for my good health instead.) Those are the cereal commercials that ran during my viewings of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Let me pull a rabbit outta my hat and see if I can find some of those cereal boxes for you:

Count Chocula


Booberry cereal




Ahhh, the sugary goodness….that….I really wouldn’t eat now.

And now here’s something you’ll really like:

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