Super Zippy Pirate Costume & Buccaneer Cricut Imagine Cartridge

Zippy’s Newest Clothing Purchase

Guess who is super excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?  Yep.  Zippy.  He’s been zooming around my new craft space in full costume for weeks.  That’s not all.  I bought the Buccaneer Cricut Imagine cartridge and he got so into character with his whole pirate motif that he’s been “walking the plank” repeatedly off the edge of the Imagine.  I’m getting tired of telling him to be careful, so I had to pull a chair over and stack it with pillows so he won’t fall too far.  Boys!

He keeps rolling off the edge singing Johnny Cash’s, “I Walk The Line.”  What a ham.  He’s pretty good too.  I’ve caught myself singing along a couple of times, but that only encourages him.  Actually, I couldn’t even finish my project with the Cricut Imagine Buccaneer cartridge today because Zippy wouldn’t get out of the way.  Oh well.  I’m going to get up extra early tomorrow and try to beat him to the Imagine before he starts walking the plank again.

Images from my Imagine Screen

Tomorrow, I’ll get to work on a card with this cool treasure chest.  I’ll be using the “You are a Treasure” stamp from my You’re So Punny stamp set.  Check that set out for more pirate inspired sentiments. 😉

I had to yell at Zippy right before he tried to walk the plank with this sword at his side.  TOO DANGEROUS!!  Gee whiz.  Today is the last day of school, so he’ll be home ALL SUMMER now.  I can only imagine what he’s going to get into.  I know I have to hurry and take him to see Pirates of the Caribbean so he’ll quit driving me crazy about that.   He’s already planned to take his own food into the theater because he’s says he’s going green.  Unfortunately, he thinks that means all of the food he eats should be green in color.  It looks like I have a lot of work to do with him before he goes back to school in the fall.  Wish me luck!

Want to see more of Zippy’s appearances and outfits?  Click HERE.


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  1. I love how Zippy gets so excited about things and dresses for the occasion. Looking forward to seeing the card you’ll be showing us soon.

  2. Joy, I love Zippy’s new costume! I am excited to see the newest movie too! Have fun! Sounds like it is gonna be a long summer with Zippy! LOL!

  3. Too cute and too funny! I love reading about Zippy’s adventures! They always bring a smile to my face! Love it!

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