Special Announcement Coming…WHEN?!! Facebook Friends Already Know!!

SuperJoy has been sooo busy lately!  I have a few special announcements to make, but I’m not ready to tell you just yet.

If you want to know when I’m  going to tell you…you’ll have to become my Facebook friend (Joy Joyslife), but if you want to know what I’m going to tell you, you’ll just have to stay tuned to Joy’s Life.com.  My Facebook friends (I hope you’ll be one too) are going crazy trying to get me to tell them the news!!  They begged me enough that I did at least tell them when the announcement will be. 😛

Come join us on Facebook!  Just look for Joy Joyslife and I’ll friend you ASAP!! 😀

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  1. Can't wait......I friended you at Joys Life and didn't see any announcement. Then I seen you had another Fan Page. JoyJoysLife...I am now your friend there also ;)
  2. I thought i try here to found out more info,That your facebook is not telling us,LOL Ok Christopher { My Baby } We Have To Wait A Little While Longer, LOL
  3. My wife is so good to me. She got me signed up for your site, and showed me all the site's I can go to on here to order supplie's for her. We will be making Easter card's today from the cartridge she got in the other day.
    1. That's great!! It's so nice that you enjoy crafting together! I love that Easter cartridge. I think the chocolate bunny with the bite out of his ear is hilarious! Thanks so much for joining! ~Joy~

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