Robotz Cricut Cartridge Photos on My FaceBook Page

Ok, I posted some photos of the not yet released Cricut Cartridge Robotz on my Facebook page!  I  have to have this cart!!  Well, I guess I feel that way about most of them, huh?  Yeah, well…anyway…you can go look at them on Facebook.  Just friend me on Facebook.  I’m “Joy Joyslife”.

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  1. costapuck says:

    Hi Joy!

    I saw this cartridge at my Meijer store here in Ohio about two days ago… I held it in my hands and looked at the box… I almost bought it but decided I would not use it enough to warrant spending the $ on it when there are so many other I want right now 🙁 I am not sure how/why it was there if you are saying it is not released yet… darn it – I should have bought it!


    1. You should have bought it!! I want one. You know there’s one selling for $130 on eBay?! 😐

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