Oh My Crafts Vinyl AND Joy’s Life Cricut Vinylology DVD Give Away Plus…FREE SHIPPING!

What a day!! 😀

Oh My Crafts.com is giving away (2) of their twenty pack vinyl and transfer tape to TWO winners!! YAY!! And I’m going to give those 2 winners a copy of my Cricut Vinylology DVD and a vinyl application tool!

BUT THAT’s Not all!!

I’m also offering FREE SHIPPING until midnight Monday, August 23 on my Cricut Vinylology DVDDon’t worry, if you buy it and you’re also the winner I’ll just refund your money. So, don’t hesitate to go ahead and make your purchase.  I’ll end free shipping after August 23 and I’ll use Random.org to draw a winner on August 24.  All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Cricut Vinylology DVD.

Did you know that Oh My Craft’s vinyl is one of my favorites?  I especially heart the ladybug red color.  Also, it’s exactly the same vinyl as the Cricut vinyl.  So, you’re getting exactly the same quality when you buy OMC’s vinyl as you do with the Cricut vinyl. 😉

Check out Oh My Craft’s blog and their Facebook page.

Thank you Oh My Crafts for the great donation of vinyl!!  I know the winners will super love it! 😀

OMC Button2

Have a great day everyone!  Be sure to Check out the new Cricut Vinylology Commercial above!

And the WINNERS are…

2010/08/21 at 10:50 PM
Having a young grandaughter has given me the courage to try new things.
I recently gave cutting magnet sheets a try, to make magnetic animals.
I think I’m ready to dabble in vinyl.
Thanks for the chance.

2010/08/18 at 11:42 AM
So glad for this site and awesome giveaway! I need to play with some vinyl!!! Thanks, Joy!

I’d like to thank everyone for participating and also especially thank Oh My Crafts for the generous donation of their AWESOME Vinyl and Transer Tape! 😀

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  1. I love oh my craft online store and reading your post Joy. I am from southwest NC. I forgot all about the Charlotte convention, darn it. as we say in the south, lol. Well some say it, lol. not me. My mom told me that darn it was a replacement for d---- it, so it was a punishment in our house if you say things like that. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I want to learn how to make things with vinyl. Please pick me random org, lol Chris Wooten mcwooten1999@carolina.rr.com
  2. I loved your stamps that I purchased a while back so today I purchased your DVD. Looking forward to crafting with your DVD. Thanks!!! CJ
  3. Never thought about using vinyl before, but my niece is just starting college and I can see a pink vinyl Eiffel tower in her future.
  4. Joy, I really love your web site. I found it on omc. You really have worked hard. My daughter gave me a few things to start me scrapbooking because she didn't like it. Well I am very glad she didin't like scrapbooking, because I have found something I really enjoy doing. I have alot to learn, but I am enjoying every minute of it. I purchased a cricut so I really could use the vinyl and the dvd. Thank you so very much for letting me be a friend. Keep up with the great job you do.
  5. I havnt had a chance to work with vinyl yet....was thinking of trying it out....hopefully I win :)
  6. My daughter and her "besties" would just faint if I won them some vinyl. They LOVE to redo their rooms with all the different colors.
  7. Would LOVE to win some vinyl and supplies! Plus your DVD whoot whoot who wouldn't want it!!
  8. I have been watching my vinylology DVD and would love the chance to win some vinyl! Thanks !
  9. Wow! This might be one of the best giveaways yet! And it would motivate me to try some vinyl projects, which I've been wanting to do for some time now!
  10. WOW!!!! What a fantastic prize :D Never tried vinyl before but seen some fab creations x
  11. So excited abou this, Ordering my DVD at 1215 pm lol. Want to see if I win it first. if not its on the horizon. Hope you have a wonderful day enjoy reading your blogs and spots
  12. What an amazing give away! I have a few vinyl projects in the back of my mind, this would really get them going!!
  13. I would love to win this!! I have been wanting to try vinyl projects, But I'm afraid of investing in more stuff and not being able to do it right. Thank you Joy!!
  14. What a GREAT giveaway! I love Oh My Crafts and I love making vinyl projects! I'm getting ready to do a super cute canvas art collage with vinyl for my boys play room, so this would be awesome!!!
  15. I am just itching to try vinyl but need to get some first. Thanks for the chance to win! Deanne G dgutierez1@msn.com
  16. Awesome give away!!! I love working with vinyl. Thanks for the chance to win and providing this website for ideas and inspiration!
  17. I think I left a comment somewhere on your site for the give-a-way, guess not the right place! So, here's my "comment"! I have lots of vinal and desperate for more ideas on how to use it!!!!!!!!!
  18. I would love to win this great give away, I have lots of ideas, but no idea where to start and how to do it correctly. Thanks for a chance to win.
  19. Just came from your facebook page and became your friend :) Great giveaway, Joy!! I've been here before, but didn't have you on my blogger list. Now I do! Thanks! Carmen L cal8007 at aol dot com
  20. Love your site! I just purchased a Cricut Expression and cannot wait to try out some vinyl projects!

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