Oh, Go Stick THIS in Your Planter!

The season of allergy misery is upon me. It’s particularly torturous because I love flowers and I like making my yard look nice…or at least my front and back porch. I tend to wash out after that planting is done and leave the actual yard to my husband and kids to plant. 😉 Much to the disgust of others nearby, I don’t let my sniffling, sneezing, watery eyed self be deterred; I keep on a plantin’. I plant and simultaneously go through box after box of Puffs Plus. Ahh, to enjoy the simple pleasures of planting.

Well, here’s a tip for your planters/containers:

To aid in drainage for your planters AND still have them light enough to carry so you can move them around

  • Use polystyrene packing peanuts NOT the biodegradable ones, they’ll melt in water…not good for this purpose.
  • Just pour in some of those leftover packing peanuts that people love to send you, enough to cover the bottom substantially. I go up approx. 4″ inches, but it’s up to you and depends on your planter size. Just keep in mind that the peanuts are taking place of rocks or other drainage material. You get that mental picture, right?
  • Then just dump in your dirt and plant your plant. Done!
  • Now you’re all finished AND you can pick up that planter and move it around without help. Am I awesome or what? Yeah…I rock. Wait, no…I packing peanut.

If you have tons of packing peanuts that you’ll never use please consider recycling them. It won’t take you much time at all and it’s really a super thing to do.
Click the link below and you can find a place close to you that will take your packing peanuts. Go on, do it! I did! It helped make more room in my danger zone garage. I had 3 huge bags. Embarrassing. I mentally pretended I was some huge shipping magnet and that was just one days waste. Do what works for you. Here’s the link:

The Plastic Loose Fill Council


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