New Cricut Destinations Cartridge

Destinations cart
Usually, I post a happy little I heart my Cricut blinkie that I made when I’m announcing new carts, but not today. Nope. You know why? Because I’M MAD!!  I just bought the Gypsy (you saw that post) and it came with Don Juan (which I spent $13 AND 800 points getting the week before they put the Gypsy on HSN). So, then I had 2 Don Juan carts. Grrrr. So, I sold the newest one. Now, I see that the Gypsy is now being sold on HSN with a brand new cart that hasn’t even been announced yet. GRRRR!! I wish I’d gotten this one. I’m so sad. Arrrrgggg….I was in a rainy day mood anyway…this didn’t help. Grrrr….

Ok…I figured out how to deal with this problem. 😀

I ordered another one. 😐

<whistle…whistle…eye avoidance…>

And now…

That will show them, huh?!  Right.

Keeping the cartridge…selling the rest. 😀

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  1. Hi Joy, I ordered my Gypsy about an hour ago from HSN, and I had a coupon which saved me $42.00. Wow was I happy cause it is now more money then when it launched. So I ended up paying less than the launch price. I can’t wait to get it! Have a great evening.

    1. You got a great deal! I really like how portable it is. Just this week I’ve used it in the car pool line and various places around the house. It definitely has a learning curve, but after I read the manual I don’t really have any more questions about how to use it…so that’s good! DH got me this 2nd Gypsy and was able to save $42 also, so it’s less painful the 2nd time around. 😛 The 1st time I used my acct and I’m not a new user = full price. I’m keeping this cart and selling Gypsy #2! 😀 I think you’re going to really like your new Gypsy! Congrats!!

  2. I sent a strongly worded e-mail to HSN about this matter: I let them know how unhappy all of us eagar beavers are. The woman on the phone was very nice, and told me I could return my TSV GYPSY and order the new one which I will do, but I asked that something be done, especially for those of you who have already started using your Gypsies. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Did you see the diffeerent skins that they have for the
    Gypsy? There really nice. I’m going to have to get one of them also. My credit card is smokin’. LOL

    1. I did see some at Michael’s the other day. Sadly, I couldn’t get a good look because the display was near returns and the line there was long. Then I saw someone I knew. It was like the fates were conspiring against me, LOL.

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