National Friendship Day & You

Hee…hee…hee…it’s a rock…oh ho ho ho…so funny.

Apparently, the first Sunday in August was proclaimed National Friendship Day by US Congress all the way back in 1935.  Since that’s TODAY I just wanted to tell you all how glad I am that you come here, read, watch videos and leave me notes.  It’s sort of like our little “water cooler” isn’t it?  We can all just hang out here when we have a moment and chat about the things we enjoy most…CRAFTING!!  When I started Joy’s Life it was because I didn’t know anyone who enjoyed crafting like I do.  Well, I can’t say that anymore.  I just wanted to thank you all for being here.  You’re the BEST!

I appreciate YOU!  Have a great day my Friends!

I thought I’d better add this in for my newest friends.  Here are links to things you might be interested in.:

Weekly Craft Store Coupons

Cricut Cartridge Checklist

Videos (Gypsy, Cricut, “Fake” Cake & How to’s)

Other Craft Projects I’ve Done

5 Days of Give A Ways – Last Day

My “Lots of Pun” Clear Stamps & Cricut Vinylology

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  1. You ROCK! Thanks for sharing your creative energy. You inspire us! 🙂

  2. Thank you for all you do Joy! Your energy and your talent is very inspirational! I look forward to every post! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Thank you Joy! I don’t comment a whole lot, but I check your site everyday for new stuff. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. Your the best Joy!! I feel like you are a true friend. Phyllis

  5. Thank you Phyllis, I’m touched by that kindness. 🙂

  6. Thanks Joy! I love visiting to see what you’ve got to share!

  7. I love to see what kind of inspiration I can receive from your talent!!! Just wish I had as much creativity!! Thanks.

  8. winnielosie says:

    yeah its about time for the vinylology to ship can’t hardly wait joy i went and bought tons of vinyl in lots of colors hehe i am ready thanks so much Joy

  9. Keep on Rockin Super Joy friend… Thank you for all you post to entertain us! More diet Cokes and donuts…. Do they deliver? What day is Krispy Kreme day again?

  10. I guess since it’s friendship day, then I should be the one thanking you for being a super crafty, generous, creative, funny, and inspiring Super Friend. You really are awesome…and I’m not just saying that to get brownie points. It’s like I tell my hubby, “Fifty people can’t be wrong and you be the only right one!” We should be grateful to you and not the other way around. Thanks!!!

  11. I am thankful and proud to call you friend.

  12. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,where is a A.C. Moore? Joy

  13. Happy Friends Day to you also. Thanks for everything you do. You are an AWESOME person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m ready for the 5 days of giveaways. Just let me know what I have to do. Thanks.

  15. Thanks Joy, You ROCK!! You are SUPER Joy for real! Thanks for being our friend too! I can’t wait to get the vinyl DVD, I have been making vinyl and magnet material frames, they are fun!!!

  16. I always like to pop by here because you always have something cheerful to show to tell about. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration you give.
    Kim xXx

  17. We are the lucky ones to have found you Joy! Happy Friend day…and thanks 🙂

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