Michael’s Has Solutions Cartridges for $14.99


In the email that I received yesterday from Michael’s they did not specify exactly when this sale was starting.  My bet is Sunday. 😉

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  1. I printed my add and took it into Michaels and asked when the sale started. She wasn't sure but took my ad and let me have the sale price on the Solutions Cartridges!! Managed to pick up 2 that I didn't have!!!
  2. I am sorry to say, my Michaels ad did not have the cartridges on sale. I guess I need to keep watching as they sell out pretty quick when it hits the stores
  3. I got the home decor one (only one they had). It wasn't listed in my flyer either.
  4. I did not get the ad until today and Michaels is now having hem on sale. Sometimes the ads are different I think in different parts of the country.
  5. I found out the reason they were going on sale is Michael's is discontinuing carrying them. The only cartridges on sale were the ones they had in the store. Once they are gone that's it. In my area, they only had a few, some stores only 1, I called 7 stores!. I am surprised they actually advertised them instead of just marking them down. Disappointing! I was able to get Home Accents though.
    1. Sarhir, I'm glad you got Home Accents. I love that one! I think Michael's made a mistake with the way they ran this sale. The whole sale was unclear from the very beginning. I think if they'd just been up front with people, everyone would have known what to expect. Oh, well...to better sales!! ;) ~Joy~

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