Make the Cut – Webinar Tonight

Have you tried the Make the Cut software yet?  I LOVE it!!  New features have recently been added to Make the Cut and they are AWESOME…even more awesome than it previously was…which is hard to top.  (Ok, I’m a big fan of this product…clearly.)  Tonight there will be a Webinar (that’s just a seminar/class on the web) and it will discuss the new features and show you cool things you can do with MTC.  It’s totally free to participate in the webinar.  You can sign up for it HERE.

Make the Cut
Click the Image to go to the Site!  You can download a full version demo for free!

If you want to buy it, Use Coupon Code: MTC327 for 27% off!!


You can also click the image above and go to Make the Cut where you can download a full demo version of the software for FREE. After you install Make The Cut you will be prompted to enter a registration code. If wish to try before you buy, click the Continue In Demo Mode button. The demo of the software is fully functional. When cutting a project, the demo will watermark what it cuts. To remove this watermark on future cutting projects, you must register.

I’ll be following that Webinar tonight!!  Woo hoo!!

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