Later Today – Preview **UPDATE**

UPDATE:  I’m not feeling well, so part 2 is going to have to be tomorrow.  I’m sorry, but I hope you understand. 🙂  I spent all my energy tonight getting 2 little boys Valentine’s ready for school tomorrow.  That was fun, but I felt yuck when I started and worse after.  It’s just a cold.  I’ll be fine soon. 😉

Hey Everybody!!  Today I’m getting my hair done…and it takes a while.  I wanted to post a whole project, but that might make me late.  #1 rule about getting your hair cut= don’t be late!!  You could end up with a mullet or bald.  Never infuriate the hairdresser.  That’s why I’m taking mine a little gift.  She wants the Chocolate Survival Kit, but I’m giving that to some people I fear upsetting more than her…family!  LOL!!  Just kidding!  I mean I am giving it to some family members, but not because I fear them.  It’s because I LOVE them!!  Also, they love my crafts and I know they’ll totally appreciate it.  (Especially because I packed it with chocolate…I mean, I could pack a garbage bag full of chocolate and tie it with a ribbon and someone would probably be happy to get that.  Am I right?!  😀 )

Anyway…here’s a little preview of the project I’ll share with you later today.  You’ll love how simple it can be!

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  1. Jackie Sutton says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I thought I had a simple cold and so now it has been 14 days, it went into the worst bronchitis I have ever had and am on the strongest steroids ever plus lots of other meds. Take care and don’t let it get you!

    1. Oh, Jackie! I hope you’re doing much better. That’s awful! I’m still feeling pretty bad and my nose is raw even with Puffs Plus. I’m coughing, achy with a runny nose. I hope tomorrow I’ll be improved. I’m pretty glad that it snowed here today and that our boys 2 basketball games and team party had to be rescheduled. I really didn’t feel good enough to go. 😛 Let’s get well so we can get busy crafting, my friend!!

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