If You Don’t Love It, Use It, or Need It…It’s Junk

I totally believe that header of mine. I’m often amazed at how attached people are to their stuff. Often they don’t even know why. It’s like whatever the item is, it grew roots or veins to them since they dropped it in their house and if they get rid of it they will feel physical pain. I like to coddle these people by saying, “Get over it.” Really.

I’m not going to go into a whole “you stuff your house, you stuff your body” thing, mostly because I don’t want people scrutinizing me and telling me to take up jogging or Jazzercise. BTW, I didn’t know Jazzercise still existed, but I know a lady who still goes to classes. Where are they held, some 80’s church basement? I’d really like to know because a time machine would be a lot of fun for me, and I love that song YMCA.

My junk (not my stinkin’ thinkin’ or my revolving 10 lbs that I vow to lose and gain) is in my garage. It’s such a pit, that we actually make jokes about it. Frankly, I think the garage may have a shopping addiction, because every time I go out there I swear there’s more stuff. I’m considering having a serious talk with my garage and getting it to join a 12-step program and make some amends to me. Sometimes I begin to broach the subject, but it just ignores me and blows out a light leaving me in either half or total darkness, depending on whether DH has replaced the bulb from the last time I tried to do a garage intervention.

This all leads me to out myself regarding the garage. Certainly, it’s not all my fault that we can’t park our cars in there. We’re like John & Kate plus 8 (except we only have 3) and they’re super organized with a functional garage that they’re actually able to use as an extra room. We used ours as an extra room just the other night. DH sat on a ladder and I sat on an exercise bench. What ambiance, what design, what..a mess. What I’m trying to say is…we have a lot of stuff in there. However, we’ve been whittling down the areas (lawn & garden, exercise, education, furniture, crap we thought we already threw out…) with some good results. I have gotten rid of a ton of furniture for instance.

Just this weekend I got rid of my boys bunk beds. Don’t worry, I bought them some new furniture. They’re not on the floor or anything. To get rid of bulky stuff we usually wait on the annual subdivision yard sale. That’s the only yard sale we do, but we really rake in the cash there, because we’re right in the front of the neighborhood. Also, I have the attitude that I’m not trying to get rich off the yard sale, I’m trying to get rid of my junk (the stuff I don’t love, use or need). It often cracks me up or freaks me out that some people will take all their junk back inside after the sale because they refused to make a deal. Crazy. What good is it to you, if you were willing to sell it? Bizarre. DH almost has a stroke every year because we make hundreds of dollars off our junk and sell it all or have very little give away left. Every year he thinks we won’t sell whatever stuff it is and thinks that I’ve totally overpriced everything. Then every year he bows to me as he views the cash and sees all the stuff was sold. I totally rock, and he’ll tell you that too. This year though, the lady who organizes the yard sale for the subdivision moved and no one wants to take it over…including me. So, I’ve turned to Craigslist.com.

I am the least motivated person on Craigslist.com. I listed my boys bunkbeds for sale on Craigslist. Then I took the beds off sale and put them back on sale. I went back and forth like this for about 2 months. One weekend I knew we’d be busy and didn’t want to deal with folks bugging me. Another weekend, um…the same thing. Then there was a week that we went out of town. Some people would email me, but I didn’t like the “tone” of their email, you know where they said they were interested and asked more questions. Plus, people would ask me to call them. Hello?! If I wanted to call you why would I be selling on the Internet with an anonymous Craigslist email address and no phone number listed? I hate calling people. (Hey, take your own personal inventory.) I finally let one lady come and look at them and naturally, she never showed up. So I told DH that I was ready to just get rid of them for $150 to get them out of the garage, but I didn’t lower the price from my $225. However, the very next day a lady emailed me and told me that:

  • She loved the beds (appealed to my good taste – check)
  • really wanted to buy them (getting them out of the garage – check)
  • could come and pick them up (a must, I don’t deliver – check)
  • BUT…

  • she has 4 little girls and can’t afford my price (appealed to my sympathy – check)
  • said she knew I didn’t have to, but asked if I could come down off the price (addressed my greed and politely reminded me it was a sin – check)
  • You know what I did? I asked her what price she had in mind. She said (you know it’s coming, right?) … $150. Yeah baby. The Man Upstairs was listening in to my “I’d get rid of them for $150” claim and did a little go-fish match making, didn’t He? Well, you know what I did, of course. I’m a heck of a gal. I told her I’d take $150. I was happy to get them out of the garage and she was happy to have the beds. So happy, in fact, that she brought her whole family to meet me and hugged me as a greeting. I got to meet four beautiful little girls, two of whom will turn our garage junk into a real treasure, again.

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    1. I’m happy to say that I can park my car in my garage most of the time. However, living with my brother who loves to build things I sometimes get kicked out of the garage. He needs the space for his saws and equipment which leaves no room for my car. So, until he is finish with what ever he is building, I’m out. It is funny because when I go grocery shopping the men who take them to the car always ask: “Do you have garage privileges today?”. This way they know where to put the groceries in the car. So, I guess this is one time it’s better not to be married and to live with your brother.

    2. Still laughing…”Do you have garage privileges today?” That’s hilarious!

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