If I Had a Flip Top Head, Then Maybe I Could Scrub My Brain

Just consider it. Sometimes I think about this when I learn things about people or the world that I wish I didn’t know. Flip top head, yeah. Maybe a brain Clorox that wouldn’t kill you would be nice too. Although, there’d still be those foolhardy folks who would also pour in ammonia. If it works with bleach, wouldn’t bleach and ammonia be even better? Answer: NO. Soon there would be investigations, crackdowns, school programs that spend weeks explaining to kids why bleach and ammonia don’t mix. Yeah, some people would ruin the flip top head for everyone.

Hollywood’s Answer to the Flip-Top Clorox Idea

The Men In Black Mind Eraser:

Men In Black

The Flip Top Head in Action:

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  1. Joyd, I totally agree… there are so many things that the world shows us, tells us and that life sends out way that it would be nice to clean some of that muck up… but as you know… “Its all ball bearings these days…” so no flip top head… Come on JoyD… “do we need a refresher course?” 🙂

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