I Shoulda Been the Postmaster… Be Your Own Post Office

Priority Mail

I am devoted to the USPS. Yes, I heart the PO. Why? Because, contrary to some unfavorable insinuations about my beloved PO, they’re quite efficient or at least make me quite efficient. I can prove it.

Let me offer up this scenario for you:

1. I want to send you a present…you know, ’cause you read my blog and you’re just a great person.

So I buy you something on eBay.
Here, I’ll buy you a webkinz love puppy for about $150, because I like you a lot.
Love Puppy
(Don’t worry, I took that photo myself…I sold that one.)

Now, I’ll have the seller send the webkinz love puppy to my house. I want to make sure that it’s not all moth eaten and pathetic and that its code is in tact, so you can play games on webkinz later.

Ok, I received the package and it’s in great condition. It’s perfect for you!

2. So, I add a thoughtful note from me to you and then box it up in my handy free Priority Mail box that I ordered from the USPS Postal Store and had delivered to my front door…for free. Yes, free. (Woo-hoo!)

But, wait! There’s more!

I do need to put some postage on your webkinz, or you’re never going to get it. So, I pull out my trusty digital scale. You have one, don’t you? Oh, you should. They are a HUGE time saver! You can weigh your package to find out exactly how much postage you need to buy. Even if you do go to the post office in person you can just shoot your prepared Priority package into one of those big Priority garbage can looking things, or hand it to someone behind the counter…even bypassing the line! (You’re special like that.)

Go here and get your digital postal scale. I’ll even save you 10% if you hurry.

Office Depot.com 10% Off Your Purchase! No Minimum! Don't Miss This Chance to Save on any order, large or small, when you order today! Offer valid 3.1.08 - 4.8.08. (excludes technology)

I’ll wait until you’re done.

Ok, now that you’ve got a scale you can continue following along with my scenario.

3. I use my digital postal scale that I bought from Office Depot to weigh your gift that I packaged in the free, delivered to my door, Priority Mail box and taped up with free Priority Mail tape (you’ll find that too on the Postal Store link).

Now that I know how much the package weighs, I can find out how much mailing it to you is going to cost me by going here:
USPS Postage Price Calculator

With that done I just need some stamps or postage, or something, right? Don’t get your car keys yet! We’re doing this all online.

4. Go to USPS.com…for “Click N Ship“. That’s where I’m going to put in your address and pay for the shipping to you. I can print out the label with the postage on it, all from my printer. Yea!

I haven’t had to leave my house so far, so why should I start now? No way I’m getting out and going to the post office, MYSELF!

3. So, I just schedule a free pickup through USPS.com. They will pick up lots of your packages for no charge, only one catch…you must have at least one priority mail package being picked up.

Who doesn’t love that?! Plus the mail delivery person will leave a note in your mailbox that he/she picked it up and it’s on its way! How super is that?!

So, in my scenario I’ve shipped you a fun gift that you’ll love and I never had to leave the house. Whew!

This is a great way to sell on eBay too. I Just Heart USPS, especially when my house is its own little PO.

mail truck

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