Hey, I Knew Him When He Was Lindsey-One-Hand…

I don’t really like country music. Really. It sort of gets on my nerves. Mostly because I’ve always been a poet and the poet in me has always hated predictable poetry. That’s just me. I like the search for meaning. Um, it’s a rather obvious metaphor for my life. Whatever. Anyway, as much as I hate to say it…I’ve found some country music I love. <Oh, the shame.>

Probably the only thing worse than my having found country music that I love, is that it’s by Evil Lindsey. Now, if you were or are an “Angel” fan, a spin-off TV show from the most terrific, Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, then you know who Lindsey is. Let’s just say that when he lost his hand in a battle with Angel…he totally deserved it. Can I get a whoop, whoop? Although, as much as I loved to hate Lindsay, he had an unmistakable charisma and he’s really cute…for a short guy. <eye avoidance, whistle, um, I think I see someone I know…>

So what’s worse than Evil Lindsey also being charismatic and attractive? He can sing too. Ugh, I hate this guy.


Well, it turns out, that he’s not really evil (that I’ve detected) and his name isn’t Lindsey. Plus, he’s got two functional hands that I’m sure he’s happy about.

He’s actually, actor/musician Christian Kane. I actually rediscovered him because my daughter wanted a Carrie Underwood CD which, naturally (country music), I was unfamiliar with. However, she had called me to the TV one day to show me her new favorite video and whaddya know? There’s Evil Lindsey doing a great job bringing this song to life. I was shocked! Later when trying to surprise my kiddo with the CD, I had to go Google Evil Lindsey to find out which video he was in so I’d know which CD to get her. Then I found out his name is Christian Kane and he has a music career!

Kane banner

Wha? So, I hated to do it, but I went to his MySpace site and listened to his music. Well, in short…his music rocks and you need to go listen to it ’cause you’re gonna love it too. He’s got a single coming out in April “More than I Deserve” which will play 1st when you load his page. I guarantee you will LOVE “House Rules” or your money back. (All the money you’ve given me so far. Not good for any childhood costs associated with my upbringing, Mom. Good try.) “House Rules” will also be featured music in an upcoming Playstation NASCAR game. That’s cool. Too bad I also don’t like NASCAR. Oh well. Maybe he is Evil Lindsey. I digress. My personal favorite Kane song is “Something’s Gotta Give”. You might like that too.

Christian Kane MySpace.com Site

The saddest thing about the music on his MySpace site is that you CANNOT download any of it. AND…there’s no album yet. Maybe soon though, since a single will be released in April. Whew. I just hope all my favs are included when the new album does come out. I did go and buy his other album and you can get it here:


Now for those of you who need that Carrie Underwood CD to complete their Evil Lindsey/Christian Kane related collection, or because you just like Carrie Underwood or country music…here you go, a direct link:

Remember, you buy through my link and I’ll be your best friend! Just don’t tell my BFF because she’s very sensitive, and also gets scary mad.

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  1. As you know, I do like country music. I had not heard of “Evil Lindsey/Christian Kane” before this, but I used your link to go to his MySpace page and I really like his songs. Thanks for introducing me.

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