FREE SHIPPING Joy’s Life Stamps


Free Shipping on all Stamps now through November 20.

Check out the new low price on my Cricut Vinylology DVD!!

CLICK HERE to go to my products page for Joy’s Life stamps and Cricut Vinylology DVD.

You can also purchase the stamps or DVD by clicking the buttons on the right hand side of this page. 😀

P.S. If you pre-ordered the stamps prior to today, check your Paypal account.  I’ve refunded your shipping. 😉

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  1. Your stamp sets and DVD is on my Christmas wish list…of course Santa will bring it for me…just waiting for payday!

  2. NICE!! Ordering the All Around Stamp now…. just the encouragement I needed to do it!!! Thanks Joy!!

  3. This is very nice of you to offer free shipping

  4. Awesome free shipping! I just bought three of your stampsets!

    I can’t wait to get them now and start creating! Thanks for the great deal!!!

  5. Free shipping!!! Super Joy to the rescue again!!!

  6. That is so kind of your to offer the free shipping!

  7. Thats so sweet of you JOY!!!!! your stamps are on my list, I am going to pass this info onto Mr.Claus…….. I have been sooooo good this year,

  8. totallypink says:

    Is Free Shipping for Canadians also ????

  9. Free Shipping gets me everytime. I’ve been studying your DVD & stamps just may take the leap.

  10. Yes I just commented, but any chance of you showing us something made with the all around stamps on your blog? Thanks

  11. I am emailing this link to hubby!
    Christmas is only 41 days away!

  12. beautiful! i don’t think i’m at the point where i can piece together such intricate cut outs but one day :0) great job

  13. I added to my Christmas Wish list. Now lets see if hubby is listening to me!

  14. would love these but i’m saving up my money for the vinylology dvd :0)

  15. Great deal thanks Joy wish I could take you up on it.
    Family first for christmas. Than Mom.

    Hugs Debbie

  16. jstspiffy92 says:

    that a nice offer….too bad i’ve been doing alot of christmas shopping or i’d take you up on that

  17. On my wish list…just waiting for payday! Come On, PayDay!

  18. Free shipping – oh the temptation!! Going to take a look now!! 🙂

  19. finecrafter says:

    I’d really love the all around stamp set and the Vinylology DVD! Wish I could take advantage of the free shipping but need to save my pennies!

  20. CDANIEL77 says:

    I have my dvd now if i can get enought time to watch it all.

  21. I put your DVD on my Christmas List…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get it! If not…I’ll be buying it the day after Christmas! Just an FYI! 🙂

  22. sy3_smith says:

    I told my mommy! since they are on my christmas list! haha

  23. winnielosie says:

    Thanks for the free shipping Miss Joy. Do you have a ship date. That way i can know when to expect them. Going home to arkansas for Thanksgiving.

  24. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Thanks for the info.

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