Easter Project Ideas – Baskets, Bunnies, Crosses and More

I barely squeezed this in under the deadline didn’t I?  Well, bunny better late than never.  This year my wedding anniversary is on Easter.  That’s the first time in our whole marriage!  On Sunday, I’ll wish you a Happy Easter AND show you a wedding photo. 🙂 In the meantime, let me show you some of the Easter projects I’ve done.  I LOVE the crosses.  The bag and ice cream bucket makeover also fit the bill for EARTH DAY…which is today. 😀

Cross with Hanger

Click Here for: How I made the Cross with a hanger.

Remember, even if you don’t have the exact cartridge I used, you can use the same technique and find a cut on another cartridge.

Make Plain Bags Fun & Reuse Creations!

This was a great project (to me) because I was able to take this bunny from an Easter project and REUSE it when I turned this plain bag into a fun “Hoppy Birthday” bag (with the aid of my Lots of Pun stamps too).  You can learn how I did that if you CLICK HERE FOR THAT POST.

This is how the whole rabbit creation started. I made it for my son’s door.  Those carrots are so cute!

More Reusable ideas!  Upcycled ice cream container.

You can use any kind of images to upcycle or reuse items.  Here’s how I made this one. 🙂  Go see the rest of it.  I have grass and Easter eggs on the bottom!  Clearly, I’m still very proud of myself, LOL! 😉

For People who Like to Eat Socks

How to Make Sock “Cupcakes”

I’ve since made these several times, but this was my very first try using the 2010 Seasonal Cricut Easter cartridge.  You can find cupcake wrappers on tons of Cricut cartridges now.  You can also find them in .svg formats from places like Lettering Delights.  SVG’s are for use with non-Cricut die cut machines using software like Make the Cut.  Here’s a link to other Sock Cupcakes I have made.

Cricut Easter Basket

This Easter basket project comes from the 2010 Seasonal Easter Cricut Cartridge – now discontinued. If you have it, these tips might help. 😉

Here’s a link to this basket. 🙂

More info about the Easter cartridge & the Easter Basket.

If you make this Easter basket from the Cricut 2010 Seasonal Easter cartridge, you might need help scoring it.  It was a pain in the bunny tail when I first tried it.  Here’s a link to the post in case you need it.


A Vinyl PEEP decorated mirror using the Silhouette machine.

Floral Easter Eggs, floral Easter Basket & Decorated Candy for under $6

Vinyl Easter Decorated Canvas using Kate’s ABC’s Cricut cartridge




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  1. All great ideas. I love the adorable carrots. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. I love each of the projects. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your special day.

  3. HAPPY HOPPY EASTER &&&& HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY with many more years of happiness and love to come!!!

    on another notei thought the calendar repeated itself every 7 years…but i guess waster doesnt though …lol
    my braain is working slower than usual tonight..btw did you get a chance to check out those layouts yet,,,remember BRUTALLY honest …thnaks

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