Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Craftroom and Cricut Toys Announced

That’s right! A brand new Cricut Expression 2 is on its way. It has a digital screen and WILL be able to use the Imagine cartridges, though it doesn’t print. I know you want to know more about it.   There is a video posted of it by Cricut on their Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Something tells me this machine won’t be compatible with MTC. That makes me not so interested in it. It does look cool though.

  2. I was surprise that the WIFI feature is only capable. In one of the videos it is mentioned that you will still need an adapter to allow Wifi. I would have expected it to be built in.

  3. I hope this does not mean that they layovers will be discontinued and or the newer carts will not come with them.

  4. Wish I would have known before I purchased my expression less than a month ago. Oh well, who has that crystal ball huh. Guess it gives me something new to save up for and pass my expression on to family members.

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