Captain’s Log…Day Thirteen…Man, I’m Livin’ Right

I moved this post to where it belonged…here. Don’t miss my new post below it…Day 12 Vermont (But Wait, There’s More) 2nd Tour of 2nd Full Day in VT

From Burlington, VT to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is a long way. I drove on the New York “thruway” most of the time. It’s yet another New York toll road. I’ve learned if you’re going to New York, bring cash. You […]

Captain’s Log…Day Twelve (But Wait, There’s More) ~ Vermont 2nd Full Day ~ 2nd Tour of the Day

After cramming all of our VT teddy bears, alien and not, into Ye Ole Minivan, I threatened my GPS poltergeist and he finally gave up the location of our next tour stop, Cabot Cheese. Awww, man. No way. Backtrack?

I’m all about the circular route at home and I especially don’t like to backtrack when I travel. It makes me feel all itchy and inefficient. Obviously, this is exactly what […]

Captain’s Log…Day Eleven ~ Vermont 1st Full Day – Tour This

View from Our Window…Lake Champlain & Adirondack Mountains at Sunset

This is the “See How It Works” portion of our trip. Today we toured:

Green Mountain Coffee The tour is self guided, and too lengthy unless you really, really care about Green Mt. Coffee. It’s a well done room of displays, some of which are interactive, but if this is your first tour in VT, skip it and move […]

Captain’s Log…Day Ten ~ New Hampshire to Vermont — Cogging Up the Works

The kids thought it was massively funny to rattle the door while I was showering and try to scare me to death. I thought it was pretty funny too. It’s good to scare Mom when she’s sure a haunting is happening; especially when she’s stuck behind the thick shower curtain of a period style bathroom. That’s just good fun right there. DD even suggested that the noise I heard was just a monster coming through the pipes to […]

Captain’s Log…Day Nine…Maine, Stephen King, New Hampshire

One of the cool things about our hotel room, besides the great view, is that there is a nearby dock where the CAT comes in. What CAT you say? This ‘un. According to the Discovery Channel it’s one of the world’s Top 10 “Super Ships”. I took this shot from my deck too. You can leave from Bar Harbor, spend the day in Nova Scotia and be back in time to sleep in your own beddy-bye. Very cool. […]