Instant Cocoa Mix Bulk Recipe

My kiddos love hot cocoa/hot chocolate.  I’ve been buying it for the Keurig which is nice and easy but gets expensive after a while.  My husband told me that he loved the hot chocolate mix his mother made when he was a child.  He said she made it in bulk so they always had it around.  That’s all I needed to hear.  I asked her for her recipe and she sent it right over.

That’s a lot of cocoa mix!

I told you it made a lot!

Guess who made a trip to the wholesale store?

 Alright.  I know.  The recipe doesn’t use cocoa by itself.  It uses Nesquik.  I’m using the recipe as it was given to me. 😉

Instant Cocoa Mix Recipe

1 pound box (powdered) instant chocolate flavoring such as Nestlé’s Quik
8 quart box of instant dry milk 13 ½ cups
5 oz (powdered) non dairy creamer like Coffee Mate
1 cup confectioners sugar, sifted

Combine thoroughly and store in a tightly covered large container.
To use: Mix ¾ cup hot water with 1/3 mix.

I do not have man hands!  LOL!  This is my husband.

I added all of the ingredients and began stirring the mix.  Super Husband offered to shake it up instead.  I took these photos as my sons and I stood by laughing and waiting for the Glad Press n’ Seal wrap to give way and cover my dear husband like a snowman.  We waited.  He shook the container…and shook it…and we watched and waited hoping it would break for a good laugh…hoping it would not break for good hot cocoa.  Guess what?

For daily use, pour some into a smaller container.

Yeah.  The Glad Press & Seal wrap didn’t break.  No instant snowman dad for us.  Sad.  Well, we still had hot chocolate to drink!  YAY!

One scoop + hot water = yum.

I highly suggest putting some of the mix into a smaller container for daily use.  That keeps the big container from being knocked off, contaminated by winter illness and from being in the way.

What? I can still use my Keurig? SWEET!

Add 3/4 cup of hot water and then 1/3 cup of the mix and stir.  One of the first things we did was figure out what setting we could use on our Keurig to make this even faster.  I have the Keurig Platinum B70 and we found that putting it on the second cup choice was the perfect amount of water for this drink.  YAY!


I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate.  That’s definitely NOT what this tastes like.  I’d say…to me…this has a sort of a white chocolate flavor to it.  It’s a milder hot cocoa/hot chocolate drink.  I’m so glad I made this.  It brought back such fond memories for my husband and making this as a family created new ones for us all.

Warm winter wishes to you and yours!


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    henrymckenzie says

    Joy, I just found this recipe and we are wanting to make hot cocoa for our wedding favors! We are putting them in re-purposed baby food jars and they are so cute but…. About how many servings does this make altogether? I am filling 150 jars with one serving each and some mini marshmallows and a hershey kiss :) Thanks for the recipe!

    • 6


      What a fun idea for wedding favors! I don’t know exactly how many servings this makes but it did keep two teenage boys full of hot cocoa for the winter. LOL! When I really think about it though, it may just be enough for 75 of those jars. It’s hard to gauge. I’m sorry that I don’t know for sure. Have a great wedding!

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    Jane says

    We are having a fundraiser with hot cocoa. I like the bulk recipe. I saw your comment about it not being very chocolaty. I really like ghardelli chocalate. Do you think I would get a richer taste if I substituted Ghardeli hot cocoa mix for the quik?

    • 8


      Jane, I think it would. I know it sounds good! 😉 Maybe do a taste test on a smaller amount first just to check it out. Let me know how it turns out!

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